Money Management – Are You Making These 3 Common Mistakes That Are Keeping You Broke and Stressed?

Nothing stresses people out more than money challenges, yet most people are oblivious to the ways in which they squander their earnings, thus they continue to make mistakes that perpetuate their stress over money.

Would you believe that one of your innocent daily expenditures is costing you $1.6 Million? What would you do with this extra money: Pay off your house? Send your children to a great college? Retire and travel?

Cover for 'Money Management 101 - 21 Proven Money Saving Tips'

 What if I told you that making just a few minor adjustments will give you all of that money back in your wallet? Would you call me crazy? That’s OK. Maybe you feel good about:

– having tried to save money before and ending up in more debt.

– having more days left at the end of the month than money in your bank account.

– staying awake at night wondering how to solve this problem and having no solution in sight.

Here are 3 common expenses that are sapping your finances and your health:

Expense #1: ATM fees.

You can be charged $2-$5 every time you use an ATM that doesn’t belong to your bank. You are being penalized for the convenience of accessing your money.

What to do instead:

  1. Use your bank’s ATMs or branches for cash withdrawal.

  2. Choose to deposit and invest your money with a credit union.

Expense #2: Dry cleaning.

You can easily spend $10-$25 weekly and this expense adds up very quickly. Plus the chemicals used in this process can cause allergy and other health issues.

What to do instead:

  1. Many silk and linen clothing items can be hand washed with a delicate laundry detergent and laid flat to dry.

  2. Minimize your dry cleaning trips for a healthier wallet and immune system.

Expense #3: Cable subscription.

Depending on the package that you have, you could be paying anywhere from $49 to $179 per month for this service.

What to do instead:

  1. Check how many times during the week you surfed your 250 or 500 channels only to realize that there was nothing worth watching.

  2. Check how many hours you spend watching TV. Do they amount to an unpaid part time job?

These are just three of the ways in which you are spending your money unproductively, which are keeping you broke and stressed out.

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Tips on How To Lose Weight Fast

Let’s face it: we all want the secret on how to lose weight fast. Actually we all want instant gratification, we want everything to happen quickly and weight loss is one of our top “wants.”

If I told you that there is a really simple way to lose weight fast without changing your diet, would you believe it? Or would you say “this can’t be true” or “it is too good to be true”? I know I am going against deeply held beliefs that weight loss is hard and difficult. What I ask you is to keep an open mind as you read this article. Will you play with me for a few moments? Keep reading for a simple tip that will work wonders!

 How to get heavier and slower

 Your days are full and your to do list is never ending. So you take work home and stay up late finishing up work after dinner. You go to bed late and sleep less to catch up.

 As a result, your body is sleep and energy deprived. It asks you for more energy, which also comes from deeper breathing and increased water intake, yet you interpret it as hunger. And you end up eating more to have more energy.

 Also, the later you go to bed and disrupt your circadian cycles, the more insulin your body will need to break down the glycogen stored as fat, to transform it in usable energy. Once the needed glycogen is broken down, the excess insulin in the blood will again get stored as glycogen and fat for future usage, and these insulin surges will start creating insulin resistance in your cell receptors. This is a downward spiral that can easily be avoided.

 How to get lighter and energized

Go to bed earlier, preferably before midnight to respect your circadian cycles, and get more rest. Your body will be more rested and have more available energy.

It will decrease its pleas for more energy, which you interpret as hunger. Thus, as you feel more energized, you will eat less and will lose pounds and inches. Not to mention that your moods will be much better, as you feel more rested.

This is the simplest and most effective tool and Tip on how to lose weight fast

I know that this sounds really too simple to be true, yet I have witnessed my own body store more fat when I sleep less, and several of my patients have seen the result and the weight loss for themselves as well.

Click here for more information on how to lose weight fast

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Designer’s favorite: Batch photo editing software and png converter . . .

Imagine a Program which lets you do a wide variety of ways to edit, alter, enhance and process batch conversion of your pictures in just a few clicks. Batch Image editors are the easiest to use programs that can apply your desired option to all or selected pictures at once. The purpose of having batch image processor is to have handy and easy interface which automates your job in least number of clicks possible.


Whether you are a professional photographer or portal / gallery designer, you always need a handy and easy to use software to convert and process considerable amount of images to different formats and sizes. For 10-15 images, you may not use batch processors, but what if you have hundreds and thousands of images and wish to have thumbnails of all? What if you wish to have multiple sets of images for different kind of streaming, viz. one set for website, one set for online high resolution album, one set for video processing and one set for power point presentation; all of these require different size and resolution to get the best rendering respectively. With batch image processors, you specify a size and file type or extension, and you instruct to accomplish batch task by simply clicking a button.


There is a handy and easy to use photo editing software available online: “ReaJPEG”, which is primarily intended for batch png converter and raw conversion. As a batch image editor software, it offers all essential photo processing and image enhancements, the most helpful being resize pictures, cropping, adjusting photo color, removing unwanted red-eye effect, applying artistic effects, watermarking, is a great tool for performing different kinds of photo manipulations, such as image transformations, addition of watermarks and borders, color adjustments, application of artistic and geometric effects, red eye removal.

convert PNG to JPG in 3 easy steps:

  1. Install ReaConverter and load your PNG images:
    Use Next step to apply image editing features or skip this step:

    Specify the saving parameters for JPEG images, select destination and push the “Start conversion” button. ReaConverter will convert your PNG files to JPEGautomatically. That’s all!

For More information, visit: png converter

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The Optimal Toenail Fungus Treatment – Laser Therapy

By Wayne Pineau


Chances are you are a person who likes to wear open-toed shoes or sandals for style and comfort reasons.   Are you now embarrassed to display your digit appendages because you picked-up a lousy toenail fungus infection that has turned your toenails a hideous brown-yellow color with nail cracking and other disfiguration?

Until recently, you would have been stuck trying to battle this affliction with methods with a low success rate at killing the fungus that would have taken an extensive amount of time with no guarantee of a cure.  Everything from home remedies like using mouth wash or bleach to antifungal salves or lotions that are messy and slow acting to antifungal pills like Lamisil, a medication with claims to only be effective up to half the time.  Of course, if you wanted a highly effective, quick method of dealing with the problem, you could always opt for the drastic measure of surgical toenail removal.  Of course this strategy does have its drawbacks, including the stress and pain involved with the surgery and the fact that there would be no nail in the toenail bed leaving it vulnerable to the potential trauma experienced in day to day life to the area that could cause pain or discomfort, as well as looking unnatural.

Fortunately, modern technology has provided the medical profession with a fairly new, advanced  treatment approach to deal with the unpleasantness of toenail fungus infections.  The FDA-approved CoolTouch laser procedure will annihilate all forms of toenail fungi in just one or two treatments, depending on the degree of infection.  The mid-infrared laser wavelength is applied to the toe in a matrix-like manner where the laser light attacks the fungus that exists in and under the nail without causing damage to the nail or the surrounding skin.  Results are immediate, the fungus is destroyed at the completion of the 10-15 minute per toe treatment and there is no chance that the fungus will return.

The CoolTouch laser procedure is painless and does not cause discomfort to the patient during the course of the treatment.  A prickling sensation along with warmth from the heat of the laser are experienced but very rarely is it a cause for complaint except for the most delicate of patients.  That is why no types of anesthesia or pain medication are normally used.  Also, the laser generates no harmful UV radiation and it is safe in every way for virtually everybody, regardless of what medical conditions they may have.

While the fungus is eradicated immediately, you still have to wait for you nail to grow out again and be replaced with a new, healthy nail.  You will begin to see progress within 2-3 months and it may take up to a year for the nail to completely regenerate.

The success rate of the CoolTouch laser treatment is in excess of 90% giving it the highest ranking among all toenail fungus treatments available.  The modest cost is usually in the $500-$1,200 range per session and is easy to justify because you just get the treatment the one (or two) time(s) and forget about it.  Your new nails will grow in clear and healthy.  The treatment is not covered by insurance because it is considered a cosmetic treatment, however most physicians offering the procedure offer financing to qualified prospects.  All things considered, laser toenail fungus removal is by far the optimal solution to this nasty problem.

For more information on laser toenail fungus removal Miami and to arrange a free consultation with a doctor to determine whether this is the best solution for you, go to =>


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New Android and iPhone App: Touch and Go™ Digital Receipts – Say Goodbye to Paper Receipts!

Our world would be almost paperless if we start carrying everything digital. Our journey of transition to a paperless personal financial system has already started and everybody knows its advantages. Digital stuffs can be retrieved whenever we want and can be securely shared with others. As for managing receipts without the use of an app, you take snapshots of your receipts and store it in a folder. Think about taking a snapshot of the receipt with your smartphone like iPhone or Android where an app gives you the option to list, sort and group your digital scanned copies. If your phone supports NFC, you may get your receipts beamed directly to your phone from your favorite shops. This app allows you to explore great features and to store and extract your receipts from your phone as well as from the internet.

I have recently downloaded Proximiant-Digital Receipts app from Google Play (also available for iPhone through iTunes).It lets me get receipts through its amazing scan feature, and if shop is equipped with Proximiant Transceiver, my receipts can be beamed directly to my smartphone without having to share my personal information with the store. We have always wondered if we can just request for digital copy of same receipt from shop itself, some shops may provide it through email but it means I need to give up my personal information to all the shops and have them start sending me information that I don’t want. However with the Proximiant app, I can enjoy searchable digital receipts that I can access anywhere. So, no more lost receipts! All my receipts are stored on my phone as well as on Cloud (Proximiant Secure Server) and my account access is protected with a strong password.

The Proximiant-Digital Receipts app lets you digitally capture a receipt through scan as well as through retailers that provide the Proximiant mobile receipts service. This app makes getting a digital copy of your receipt faster and easier than ever and it is completely secure and private. There’s no need to share your email address or other personal information with the store. An intelligent algorithm is used to provide automatic information extraction from your receipt, so that receipts can later be searched by store name, dates or product keywords. And built-in labeling, sharing and reward inbox features takes this Digital Receipts Android App much beyond just a receipt app.

ANDROID users can download this amazing app from Google Play:

iPhone and iPad users can download this amazing app from iTunes:

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Chiropractic Care for Chronic Back Pain

The foundation of chiropractic care for chronic back pain is the understanding that misaligned vertebrae can cause the pain. This misalignment can result in many additional problems, such as headaches, body pains and impaired joint mobility. Chiropractic treatment aims to restore alignment to the vertebrae, returning natural health to the spine and all the body parts the spinal nerves serve. For more info click here: chiropractor oconomowoc wi

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Miami dentist – Choosing a competent pediatric dental surgeon

At present, many individuals fear dentist visits, because of the pain related to dental measures. Nonetheless, parents can prevent their child from dealing with such worries, by simply making their initial dental experience pleasant. Wondering how? A specialist in Miami dentist pediatrics can help your child feel comfortable doing dental care measures, as these professionals are trained and educated to deal with dental care measures for children.

Pro in dental care pursuing studies in pediatrics undertake basic dentistry training and education, however others interested in particular areas pursue the necessary studies in dentistry. Pediatric dentistry is classified as one of the specialized study areas in dentistry, and parents should always carry out a full examination on the chosen Miami dentist, before allowing him or her to perform dental measures for your child or children. Pediatric dentists know how to make a child feel comfortable and are best qualified to handle the procedures.

Many parents mistakenly believe their kids should visit a pediatric Miami dentist for checkups, only if there is loss of the child’s milk teeth and commence the development of the permanent ones. If truth be told, children ought to see a qualified, pediatric Miami dentist even during the development of their milk teeth. This is necessary because good oral hygiene must be maintained all the time, in particular children entering the early stages of dental development.

How to find an expert in pediatric dentistry
The first measure to identify a proficient pediatric dentist involves contacting the dental association in your region. At this office, individuals are provided with a list of all pediatric dentists in Miami or any other related area. Finding a dentist in your area is necessary, as this enables people to visit the dentist easily with no hassle and is convenient to lower stress.

In scheduling regular visits to a Miami dentist office that specializes in pediatric dentistry, you warrant good oral health and proper tooth development for your child. Those with health coverage can query with the selected Miami or Coral Gables dentist office to get information on available discounts. Dental care measures are generally expensive, but health coverage offers discounts to reduce your overall expenses.

What services are available at some pediatric dentistry?
An experienced Miami dentist in pediatrics offer the following services:
*Preventive dental measures including nutrition/diet consultation, brushing tips, etc.
*Diagnosis and treatment for issues concerning dental development.
*Frequent oral health examinations.
*Repeat teeth cleaning procedures and fluoride treatments.
*Installation of sealant to as a prevention method for cavities.
*Tooth strengthening procedural recommendations including the installation of braces.
*Recommendations to solve existing issues such as dummy and thumb-sucking use.

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